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Frequently Asked Questions
1. Does ALK accept Purchase Order(PO)?
ALK: Yes, ALK accepts Purchase Order(PO).

2. Does ALK ship worldwide?
ALK: Yes, ALK ships worldwide by FedEx, DHL, UPS orTNT for lab scale quantities and by cargo forwarding companies for bulk quantities.

3. Does ALK provide tracking number when products are shipped?
ALK: Yes, online tracking number will be provided if shipped by FedEx, DHL, UPS or TNT; AWB will be provided if shipped by a cargo forwarding company.

4. Does ALK ship using actual chemical name?
ALK: Yes, ALK follows international safety regulations and ship using actual chemical name and product value.

5. Does ALK accept Paypal?
ALK: Yes, ALK accepts Paypal payments.

6. Does ALK provide Certificate of Analysis(CofA)?
ALK: Yes, CofA is provided for every product ordered from ALK.

7. Does ALK provide Material Safety Data Sheet(MSDS)?
ALK: Yes, MSDS is available upon customer request.

8. Does ALK provide product warranty?
ALK: Yes, 14 day warranty on all products unless otherwise specified.